Thursday, March 25, 2010

Natural cleaning products

It's really easy to make your own cleaners with ingredients you might already have in your home. Plus, if you choose to add an essential oil, you can pick your favorite scent and your home will smell pleasantly, matching your own preference instead of smelling of chemicals, found in most commercial cleaners, that are irritating as well as toxic.

BAKING SODA can be sprinkled to scrub kitchen and bathroom surfaces. It works great as a fabric softener when doing your laundry, and is an effortless silver cleaner (add a sheet of aluminum foil and baking soda in the sink, filled with water and soak your silver pieces until they are clean).

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – bubbles when combined with baking soda and is a great drain cleaner: Put some baking soda in the drain, add apple cider vinegar, let bubble for 15 minutes, rinse with hot water. Vinegar diluted with warm water is also a great window cleaner.

Apple Tree

BORAX is an unbeatable and cheap laundry booster and cleaner.

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE can be used for many purposes, including as disinfectant and whitener.

LIQUID CASTILLE SOAP and vinegar with water cleans the floors, windows, kitchen, almost anything. Adding an essential oil is optional.

LEMON is well known for being a natural whitener.

this Sicilian Lemon is going to become Limoncello

VODKA in spray bottle works great as fabric refresher for chairs and upholstery.

ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS can be added to many of the above home-made cleaners. Tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil both have antibacterial properties.

Find out more about the natural cleaning products by clicking on the link below (opens a new window):
Green Cleaning Formulas


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