Friday, March 20, 2009

Daffodil flower

Daffodils have always been one of my favorite spring flowers. My grandmother had them all over her backyard, underneath the grape vines. I'll never forget that sight and the fresh smell of spring ground, bursting with life.

A few years ago I bought some flowering bushes from one of the online nurseries and received a bag of tulip bulbs and a bag of daffodil bulbs as a free gift with that purchase. Obviously, the staff at that nursery didn't care much about the fact that some people live in zone 9 or higher and these bulbs might never get a chance to produce a single bloom.

And that's exactly what happened. I faithfully planted all the bulbs, hoping that somehow, one of these beautiful springs, they will make my day with the blooms that so unmistakably remind me of those care-free days of my childhood.

Nothing happened - for at least four years. The greenery came out every spring - and not a single tulip or daffodil flower.

This last winter was different. A lot more frosts and lower temperatures that usually and a few days ago I noticed a flower bud on one of the daffodil plants in planter next to our driveway. It made me so happy I felt like dancing the dance of joy... :)

This morning my first and only Florida daffodil flower was opened and beautiful. Right away I had to grab a camera and snap some photos. Can you tell I've been playing in Corel with my snapshots for a little while?



DP said...

Wow, the daffodil has a beatiful flower. (: And this is a very nice blog. I like what you did with Corel. =D

Sadie said...

I love daffodils! They're my favorite flower. It just always makes me sad that they seem to bloom too early when we have warm days too soon, and then they don't stay around very long. :(

Patricia NZ said...

Daffodils are also one of my favourite flowers but unlike your place, here in New Zealand they are prolific. All over fields and up driveways. Under trees and in gardens. Spring is a blaze of yellow.

flower delivery philippines said...

Daffodils is one f my favorite flowers and i love it so much.

Silk Wedding Bouquets said...

I love daffodils, sad to say we don't have it here in our place.

singapore florist said...

nice shot and eye catching flower. probably it's good for Valentine day flowers

Florist Sydney said...

Daffodil is the flower for the month of March, right? I like the the photos above, 'creative:)

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