Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Autumn's Eternity Turning

I love beautiful photos and fall-colored trees!

And even though I've already seen plenty of this season's images and took loads of photos myself - I still couldn't resist to add this snapshot from Ireland as the second post today - because it's simply stunning.

Wouldn't you agree?

Thank you, Irishphotographer!



Heather in Beautiful BC said...

That is absolutely amazing. Mother Nature provides such intense colors!

Usa People Search said...

Is artistic my friend .....i like it so much...is more like in europe or something....and am also like snapshot like this when it come to portrait from japan.

Bhing said...

Indeed, it is stunning.. I, too love beautiful photos.. I even tried photoshop editing to make the pictures that i like look more nice.. Thanks for sharing.. :)

capybara said...

Amazingly vivid colours and such a bright contrast against that booding sky.

Owen Cutajar said...

Lovely photo.

I'm a bit fan of autumn. I love all that red, gold and brown ;)

Julie said...

Oh that is an AMAZING photo and from one of my dream vacation spots! Thanks for posting this, very nice!

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Oh what a beautiful picture! Mom would love to go to Ireland!! Her daughter went and she loved it! The colors are glorious!
Your FL furiends,

Jessica said...

That picture is amazing! So beautiful! I'm sad that the trees are already bare here now. Thanks for sharing!

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