Monday, May 18, 2009

Attract birds

Transcript of a how to video How To Make Your Backyard a Bird Haven:

Quit hogging our own backyard. Make it a haven for your fine feathered friends!
You will need:
  • undisturbed trees or shrubs, large enough to provide bird shelter
  • native plants that provide seeds, berries and nectar
  • water source such as a stream, pond or bird bath
  • wildflowers
  • one of more bird feeders
  • and bird houses matched to your local species
  • optional: logs
Step 1: Identify which trees and plants already attract your local bird life

Step 2: Add native trees, bushes and flowers that provide seeds, berries or nectar for wild birds.Consult your state horticultural or autobahn society for suggestions - or ask the local nursery. Think twice before getting rid of dead or dying branches and stumps which provide shelter to many bids. Consider adding logs to your landscaping.

Step 3: Include water in your yard. A bird bath, fountain, stream or pond will do the trick.

Step 4: Consider replacing some of our lawn with a wildflower meadow. Even a small patch of wildflowers and tall grass will attract wild birds.

Step 5: Hang bird feeders close to trees so birds can be sheltered and ideally inside of the window so you can enjoy watching them.

Step 6: Build or buy a bird house and then put it up. Check with your local library, fish, wildlife department or autobahn group to see what bird houses suit your local species. Keep your cats inside. It is estimated that house cats cause up to 1oo million bird deaths each year in the U.S.

Step 7: If a bird builds a nest in your yard, leave it in place even after the babies have flown. The birds might return next year.

Did you know?
The study by the National Autobahn Society showed that many common birds, from meadowlarks to field sparrows have recently suffered major population declines.



Sensual Photography said...

We just put up a bird feeder on our porch and want to know the best way to attract the birds.

Sensual Photography said...

We live in Jacksonville, FL, and no birds have come to see us. We put the feeder in the back yard with seeds that should attract the kinds of birds we have seen in out camphor trees, but they are not coming at all. We haven't even had a squirrel.

Daria said...

I hope the video, posted above helped a little bit with Your project of attracting birds to the new feeder on your porch!

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