Friday, March 13, 2009

Words of spiritual encouragement

Not so long ago I met this beautiful lady. Her name is Cyndi. BTW, how many of you have ever heard of "Cindi" spelled this unique way? ;)

Anyway, if I had ever met someone who mastered the words of spiritual encouragement - Rev. Cyndi would easily win the top of my list - hands down!

But Cyndi impersonates so much more than just skillful use of words of spiritual encouragement. She knows how to listen, she is a spiritual healer - and above all, she really cares.

Here are some areas in which Rev. Cyndi has been trained - and she incorporates them in her Distant Healing - also called Energy Healing sessions:

*** NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Techniques

*** Physiological Biofeedback (as opposed to using a machine)

*** EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

*** The Sedona Method (an emotional release technique)

*** Quantum Touch...involves energy healing, laying on of hands.

*** The "Noble Questions" method...a way of asking questions to help shift paradigms.

*** Has studied the “Course In Miracles” and “Science Of The Mind.

*** Cyndi is a Certified Reiki Master.

*** Meditation

*** Shamanic Journeying

*** Intuitive Healing

*** Energy Healing

Only recently, Rev. Cyndi Krupp put together an ebook for everyone who would like to learn more about her and what she does, about her blog and her membership site "The Daily Healing Zone" - or if you would like to get in touch with Cyndi in order to resolve a specific issue.

Ebook titled "The Daily Healing Zone...The First 27 Days" in PDF format is available for download - to anyone. All you need to do to get a hold of this priceless source of inspiration is: type your name and primary email address in the form below.

Cyndi's healing touch along with the words of spiritual encouragement has helped her clients achieve the following results:

* Pain elimination

* Anxiety and stress release

* Symptoms of the flu and various viruses have seemingly disappeared.

* Easement of chemotherapy treatments

* A reversal of a diagnosis of Parkinson’s

* An expected brain tumor surgery that was cancelled because the tumor shrunk to the point that it was no longer a threat.

* Helped people communicate with loved ones who did not have the power to speak.

* Helped young children learn to sleep peacefully through the night.

* Increases in energy

* And much, much more!

impressions of the spiritual path
"Your spiritual growth does not happen when you are peaceful and content. It happens when you get angry, sad, greedy, jealous, critical, impatient. It happens when you lose your "spiritual mask", and realize that you are not superman or woman, but just an ordinary human being learning how to love."

Photo "impressions of the spiritual path" and quote above - courtesy of alicepopkorn ( busy )


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