Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How many people have cancer?

Cancer Cure - The Video the Pharmaceutical Industry Doesn't Want You to See

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Have you ever asked yourself a question: how many people die from cancer each year?

Here comes the answer:

Every 60 seconds someone dies from cancer — and every 3 minutes, someone new is diagnosed with cancer.  That someone could even be you.  If you know anyone who's suffering from cancer (and who doesn't?), we urge you to watch this 5-minute video titled "Is This the Cure for Cancer That Really Works?"  This is the video that the pharmaceutical industry does NOT want you to see!

When this video was first put online, it circled the globe and was viewed by people in all continents within a matter of 31 minutes.  It has gotten over 189,000 views in the last couple of weeks alone.  Don't forget to send the link to everyone you know who has cancer (even those who are in remission).  You might even end up saving someone's life. Watch the video now:   ↓↓↓

A Comment from the Editor

I've reviewed the one-minute cure website thoroughly, asked all my questions (which were answered promptly and courteously by the company's
Customer Support staff), and finally bought the eBook.  I'm thoroughly impressed by the eye-opening information provided, backed by
solid research findings.  I can't recommend it highly enough.  Whether you or a loved one are suffering from cancer (or any
other disease, for that matter), I urge you to check it out!   After you watch the video, click here to send for the full story about the one-minute cure.



Patricia NZ said...

It all sounds too good to be true and when I hear that remark I figure it generally is! I must say I am a little sceptical and would like to hear personally from someone I know how it has helped.

MorgansMummy said...

Awe I thought you were going to share it with us lol :(
It looks interesting but I doubt I will buy it haha

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