Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Cup of Tea?

A Cup of Tea?
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One of the most valuable things about blogging is instant response - your comments.

It helps me continue and expand this topic and if you keep coming back you stand a good chance to get answers to your questions and concerns.

If you're one of those people who has never had an herbal cup of tea, I wouldn't suggest you to start out with parsley tea. Except in case that aroma and taste of parsley herb is extremely tempting for you.

Instead, start with something mild like chamomile or linden tea. They both taste and smell good even without the sweetener and they are mild enough for the children.

Other teas that most people like are: hibiscus, rose hip and peppermint.

Of course I shouldn't forget to mention the green tea - everyone has heard about its benefits - and some blends of mildly-tasting herbs, available from some trusted specialized online retailers like MountainRoseHerbs.com

And my last tip for today: Whichever tea you choose to enjoy, drink it out of your favorite cup!

My most cherished one is made of glass - what's yours?



Patricia NZ said...

My very special cup is one my daughter gave me just before she died.
I had never tasted herbal tea before I tried the parsley one, but I thought that was great. Others are now on my agenda!

Daria said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your daughter, Patricia... but it's nice that you have a favorite cup that she gave you and while you enjoy your first cups of herbal tea, your daughter is "with you"

Connie said...

Did you know that a lot of Jewish people drink tea out of glasses? I'm not sure if it's common with younger people but it is with our older generation.

I love Chai tea, that's my favorite. I don't think it's herbal though.

capybara said...

I had a cup of green tea about half an hour ago, being a Brit we live on tea!

cady said...

i have a couple big mugs that i *love* drinking out of. i just bought some tea tonight, actually. i didn't really *need* any, but when i saw the apple cinnamon spice i couldn't pass it up. i love that flavor.

SomethingRandomToDo! said...

chinese tea for me! i absolutely love this type called pu'er, but oh wells, i guess it isn't herbal? haha

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