Friday, November 28, 2008

Guidelines for uses of herbs

A herb of Venus
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General guidelines for using herbal infusions

* Use the herbal material only in case you are 100% certain that it really is the herb in question.

* When ill or you have any health concerns, consult a certified health practitioner.

* Noone should continuously drink the same infusion for a long period of time (unless prescribed by a registered health practitioner). Generally, the maximum use is for 10 days - and then skip 5 days.

* Have one cup of herbal infusion per day, except during acute periods - for instance when you have a cold or flu. You can then have it three times per day, but for a maximum of 4 days.

* Some herbal remedies can be extremely powerful. Should you notice any side effects when taking these infusions, immediately stop using the herb and consult your health practitioner right away.



Bhing said...

Thanks for the guidelines..

I will surely tell my mom about that..

She loves herbs..

cady said...

i had no idea there were guidelines for the use of herbs. i learned something new today!

Owen Cutajar said...

Are there any herb you should avoid making tea from?

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