Saturday, November 8, 2008

Growing Nasturtiums

Other common names for nasturtium: Common nasturtium, Garden nasturtium, Indian cress


Photo "Flower Nasturtium" above courtesy of Dave Howell

More reasons for growing Nasturtium:
  • the secret to nasturtium's explosion of blooms is: zero fertilizing
  • historically nasturtium has also been used topically as a remedy for rheumatism
  • about nasturtiums: "Issues treated by Nasturtium include exhaustion, fatigue, lethargy, and depleted immune systems. Nasturtium flower essence is good for anytime you feel under the weather or less that par health wise. It will warm up "colds" and help nurse you back to your normal vitality."
  • snails don't like them
  • established plants are virtually carefree
  • in the garden they self-seed and keep coming back every year
  • they quickly cover the given area, producing decorative foliage and endless amount of brightly-colored blooms
  • the shape of their beautiful leaves is reminiscent of water lily pads, usually flat and round in deep green color, but some are variegated, speckled-like

No wonder some people call nasturtium: every gardener's dream... :)


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