Monday, November 17, 2008

Frost and lost plants

We had another frost this morning even though the weather forecast said the low temperature was supposed to stay in low forties... :(

So I didn't cover any of my plants last night and - sad enough, I lost some of my nasturtium plants. Luckily I have quite a few more (and more seeds) - and I plan to be more careful from now on.

I am sorry I haven't protected my banana trees. I really enjoy watching their tropical appeal through my kitchen window. All of their leaves froze after two light frosts in October but two of them already recovered by now and grew two beautiful, big new leaves. And now they're gone.

Photo: Beautiful banana tree leaves in July

I also lost a couple of cotton plants. I've seen many cotton fields for the first time in Georgia this past October - and they looked enchantingly beautiful to me. So I picked up some seeds and planted them in different planters around the house. They sprouted only a few days ago and I was really looking forward to observing their development and was getting more and more excited about the possibility of growing some organic, home-grown cotton. Now I need to make sure to keep the rest of them.

Cotton Field in Georgia

Photo: Cotton field in Georgia - courtesy of amyxoxox

Anyway, all the above events kept me busy for quite a few hours this afternoon. I moved some pots closer to the house, to protected areas - and covered everything else that might get damaged if the temperature drops to freezing again.

Hopefully this works and I can grow more plants and have lots of blooms around Christmas - instead of losing one flower or herb after another. Besides, this is supposed to be Florida...



wildcherry said...

You've frost...i've fire (all around ca)! Been hot throughout summer some of my plants didn't survive.

Bhing said...

There are a lot of banana trees here in our country (Philippines) and they are planted just anywhere.. Anyway,I am sorry about what happened to your plants.. Just be careful next time..

corrin said...

My Aunt and Grandpa live in FL and they've been complaining that their plants are dying, too. So much for that tropical FL weather!

cady said...

the banana plants were so pretty! we always seem to have plants lost when the first frost comes.

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