Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Easy to propagate annuals: Angels' Trumpets

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I remember as it was yesterday when and where I first saw these beauties - although I was still a child.

It was a beautiful summer and my family was taking summer vacations on the beach. Angels' Trumpets were growing on the trellis, all over the place where we had lunch every day. Even back then I thought that these were the most amazing blossoms since I've never before seen anything quite like that .

Those blooms I'll never forget were brilliantly bright orange and fit perfectly on every kid's fingers.

A funny thought just crossed my mind - maybe this sight was an inspiration for Grinch's fingers... :)

Anyway, soon after that my aunt that not only has a green thumb but a magical one (since she successfully grows just about anything she can lay her hands on - or anything with roots) planted one. This tropical plant didn't like colder climate quite as much so the blooms weren't nearly as bountiful as on the beach but it faithfully bloomed every summer and we all enjoyed the unusual flowers and their scent, especially my grandfather.

Now, back to the present.

Angel's trumpet (Brugmansia spp.) grows 4 to 8 feet tall and 3 to 6 feet wide. It likes full sun or at least afternoon sun. Its blooms are sweetly scented and come in shades from white to salmon, soft yellow, peachy pink to orange.

Now is the right time to make cuttings of Angel's trumpet and enjoy even more angelic trumpets and their sweet scent next season.


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