Thursday, April 24, 2008

Green building products

Green building products are the ones that are Earth and user-friendly like:

  • paints and other building materials that are free (or as low as possible) in VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) that will "outgas" (or degas) and cause indoor air pollution (like plywood made with glues with a high formaldehyde content)
  • local products or the ones that are not shipped long distances - green practice
  • materials from easily renewable sources (like bamboo)

  • recycled materials like glass, wood, cork, fabrics, paper, carton and others
  • by-product materials
  • low-flow shower heads, faucet aerators and toilets
  • compact fluorescent bulbs that are 75 percent more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs
  • Energy Star rated appliances - and more

Seeing the whole picture, building or renovating "green" should benefit the environment, at the same time greatly improve living conditions of the occupants, and last but not least, save lots of money to the homeowner. Built the right way from start, a new home should be durable, healthy, long-lasting, low-maintenance, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Anyone can join the "green building revolution" by choosing better materials in all kinds of home improving projects.



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