Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday in My Backyard

We had some steady rain last night and during the night. As a result, this Easter morning is gorgeous: it smells, sounds, looks and feels like spring. The nature is fresh and bursting with life, new leafs and new buds and blooms. All kinds of birds are singing and chirping all over the place and at least one woodpecker is looking for his breakfast on one of the tree trunks in the vicinity. I love spring!!! :o)

The first thing I did this morning (still in my PJ's) was, I grabbed my camera, walked all around the house and took these photos of newborn life - right after receiving news that a baby girl, named Ana after her grandmother, was also born early this morning. Welcome little Ana, congratulations young mommy and daddy! :o)

Orange bloom - didn't mind the rain at all

New leaves on oak trees

All washed up and sparkly after the rain : blue sky, white clouds, bright green oak leaves and elegant pine needles

Lonely Starry Rosinweed

Pink Veined Milkweed

A colony of Starry Rosinweeds






Buds of Amaryllis

More Starry Rosinweed flowers


Rosemary and winter lettuce in bloom

Soon-to-bloom prickly pear


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